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Lastest (1.1.0)

This update fixes a few core issues with all the modules, specifically related to ID generation.


This update changes the way we handle ID generation. Custom ID generators are no longer supported, and IDs must be generated by the resolver, or your database. This is a potentially breaking change for some users. More info.


  • Added better error messaging for the testing suite
  • Fixed issue where not providing a documentId to loadDocument threw errors


  • Removed custom ID generation in favour of letting the user or the user's database generate the ID.
    • The idGenerator constructor parameter is no longer supported.
    • See resolvers for more info.
  • Mutation resolvers are now required to return the entity that was written.


  • Added connectionString, ssl, statementTimeout, queryTimeout, and idleInTransactionSessionTimeout options. See here for more info.
  • Added SSL options for connecting to the database.
  • Removed dependency on collab-server. Calling setServer is now no longer required.