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Note: This version requires WebViewer 7.3.0 or greater.

Note: The server and DB packages are on v1.0.1 due to a hotfix.


  • Added enableConnectedUsers collab client option
  • Added CollabClient.getConnectedUsers(documentId) to get connected users and their current page position.
  • Added connectedUsersChanged collaboration event that gets triggered when connected users changes their page position or becomes online/offline.
  • Added An API markAllAnnotationsAsRead to mark all annotations in a document as read.
  • Added CollabClient.scrollSyncAvailable() to determine if the scroll synchronization mode is available.
  • Added CollabClient.joinScrollSync() to join scroll synchronization mode. When the owner/presenter of a document scrolls, anyone else viewing that document will automatically scroll with them.
  • Added CollabClient.leaveScrollSync() to leave scroll synchronization mode.
  • Added scrollSyncStatusChanged collaboration event that gets triggered when scroll sync becomes available/unavailable.
  • Added CollabClient.copyAnnotations() to copy annotations from one document to another.


  • Changed annotations to be stored as plain XFDF instead of annotation commands.
  • Used single ConnectedUserMap class to manage all operations on connected users.
  • Fixed realtime events firing for connected non-member users to a public document.