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Released Mar 31, 2022


Collab client#

Collab server#

  • Added a new optional resolver, userByIdentifier. This resolver is only required when using the new offline annotation sync feature.
  • Added two other optional resolvers, batchAddAnnotations and batchAddAnnotationMembers. These resolvers are not required but can give a big performance boost when writing multiple annotations
  • Updated how read permissions work. When a user tries to read data they don't have permissions for, that data is now just ignored rather than throwing an error. More info here
  • Made the XFDF property on snapshots optional, since it is not always required
  • Added permission check caching to help reduce the amount of queries made to the database
  • Performance improvements for realtime events


  • Fixed bug where username and email of connected users would be undefined
  • Fixed bug where annotations created by other users on other pages would not be rendered
  • Fixed bug where viewing a document after its already been fetched may cause annotations to be out of sync with database
  • Fixed bug where the username in the annotations panel would sometimes be incorrect
  • Fixed bug where destroying the Collab Client wouldn't restore document manipulation functionality
  • Fixed bug where annotations could not be created if the user did not have permissions to edit a document
  • Fixed bug where unread count would become out of sync
  • Fixed bug where scroll sync sessions would be sent for the wrong document