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Released May 25, 2022

New package#

Version 2.1.0 ships with a new package - @pdftron/collab-react!

This package contains React bindings for the Collaboration Client, which helps maintain your application state and keep your UI in sync with real-time events.

Get started today!


Collab client#

  • Added warning messages when documents are loaded outside the context of Collaboration
  • Added a way to reenable document manipulation
  • Updated context to use sessionStorage, which allows a user to have different context's in different tabs/windows
  • Added a Document.unload API

Collab server#

  • Added new resolution strategies for the annotation sync feature
  • Small performance optimizations
  • Changed the "title" property of XFDF to be a username instead of a user ID. This resolves the issue where opening a document in a different viewer would show the annotation author as a user ID instead of a user name.


  • Fixed bug where unread state would get out of sync
  • Fixed bug where editing a document using the resolver generator could cause an error
  • Fixed bug where annotation sync feature would sync annotations that were not necessary
  • Fixed bug where LogLevels were not getting exported from the SQL generator package
  • Fixed bug where annotations could not be marked as read right after being invited to a document
  • Fixed bug where snapshots with an unknown authorId would throw an error. We now handle this situation gracefully
  • Fixed bug where form fields would not be displayed on documents loaded in Collab
  • Fixed bug where users would disconnect from the WebSocket server when closing one of multiple tabs, causing cascading errors across the application